Customise an outfit

If you’re looking to create something unique or personalized for your special day, or simply because you have impeccable taste, HOUSE OF Vii is here to assist you. Our comprehensive process, from conceptualization to design, production, and final fittings, ensures that you will receive a garment that you truly adore. We offer a range of options:

  • including customizing any of our current outfits by modifying colors
  • creating a matching outfit for your partner or child/baby, or
  • crafting an entirely new ensemble.

Step 1 - Initial Consultation

We’re super excited to offer you a free initial consultation at HOUSE OF Vii. This awesome opportunity allows us to understand your specific needs and requirements better, while giving you the chance to express your creative vision freely. In our consultation, we’ll dive into your personal style, preferences, themes, color palettes, and budget, making sure our suggestions align with what you expect. Trust us to give you honest insights into what we can achieve together.


Next, we’ll work together to conceptualise or personalize designs We’ll look into color palettes, design deets, and fabric options, translating your ideas into detailed sketches. And we’ll guide you through the measurement process with our handy guide.

We’ll convert your ideas into sketches to help your visualise the final look.


Once you give us the green light, our talented crew at HOUSE OF Vii kicks off the production of your one-of-a-kind garment. These skilled artisans pour their heart and soul into every stitch, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship and an eye for detail at every turn. Throughout the process, we’ll keep you in the loop with regular updates, so you can be part of the creation journey. Rest easy knowing that we dedicate a solid 6-8 weeks to deliver the utmost quality product to you.


We’ve got your back when it comes to perfecting every last inch of your garment. Our team is meticulous with quality control, making sure no imperfection goes unnoticed. And to put your mind at ease, we’ll even send you a sneak peek of your garment with final images before it gets shipped to your doorstep.